• talking about “烘” …….

    烘 [ home ], the house where one's family lives. The word "烘" is not the word for "home" in Chinese (家 is the correct Chinese character). But the pronunciation of "烘" in Chinese is similar to "home" in English , and if you look at each part of this Chinese character, you will find it very interesting. "火" on the left side means: fire, and "共" on the right side means: sharing or together. When putting both parts together, it means to share warmth together. I believe that is what a home should be. Home is not only a house where one's family lives but also where family shares warmth, laughter and tears together. This is the mission of my interior design. I like to do home design. I like to make each home where families can share love together.

Adaptive reuse

“Adaptive reuse is the practice of reusing existing buildings and materials from buildings as much as possible.” I have been studying for my NCIDQ exam recently. Not seeing many adaptive reuse cases in the U.S. We tend to tear down old things and throw it all away. However, many architects in Japan seek to reuse … Continue reading

weekend makeover

This is a family room makeover. Because the owner doesn’t want to change the wall color and so here is the design proposal I have for her. A casual family room with a little bit fine touch. 這個小案子是利用一週的時間從設計到下單購買,接下來就是等家具送到了!

Transforming a cold basement ~ 地下室改造

This is a design consulting project to transfer a dark and cold basement to a warm and colorful craft and fun room! I received updates from the owner and I am really happy to see the Soave is getting there! 這是一個改造地下室的案子,屋主希望能變成她跟女兒的小小美勞工作室, 之後陸續收到她寄來的進度照片,真替她們開心!

Oh ~ the good old days…..

Seeing young friends’ college life pictures on FB, I miss my old days in architecture studios! The Interior Architecture program of University of Oregon  has always been great! Even decade ago, we had enough support and  facility from school. I remember those time in the computer lab, friends and I stayed there days and nights … Continue reading

Big house, little budget? No problem!!花小錢也能裝潢大房子?沒問題!

I am currently working on a project located at Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This is another online design consulting project, referred by one of my previous client (thanks!). It’s a 4,500 SQ FT house with 5 beds and 6 baths. A fairly new house with tons of space! However, the young couple has little budget after buying … Continue reading

Preschool worship stage design -兒童小劇場設計

This is my very first stage design project. A small preschool room stage at Cherrydale Baptist Church, Arlington, VA.  We finally get it done!  YAHWEH! Thanks to Lori and the artist who did a great drop on the background, better than the original idea we had! I also repainted the little white board, looks chic … Continue reading

Amazing house, 神妙美屋

Recently, a lovely couple bought their first single family house in Irvine, CA. I am honored to design their new home. This is another over the internet design consulting project. I found myself enjoying this type of design consultation more and more. By using email to exchange photos, space measurement, and using FaceTime /Skype for … Continue reading

Little try for the little cafe

This is a commercial project that I am currently working on. My task was to design the color scheme for the restaurant and pick the right furniture for the restaurant within the owner’s limited budget. Click here for more photos

Great house with beautiful view, but.. 美景豪宅的設計諮詢

The owner moved into this house in the summer , 2012. The house was built in 1971, a flat with beautiful sunset view at Turtle Rock community, CA . The owner had spent quite a lot of money on replacing floor, repainting the wall and remodeling the kitchen. But they feel there’s something missing. The … Continue reading

Great magnetic board under $60

While looking at the kids’ study room of my friend’s house, I proposed to add something on the bare wall to match with the feeling of the existing room. First, we bought a picture frame from IKEA (VIRSERUN, $29.99) and then we went to Homedepot to cut a metal sheet ($24) into the same size. Ta- da!! … Continue reading


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