Great house with beautiful view, but.. 美景豪宅的設計諮詢

The owner moved into this house in the summer , 2012. The house was built in 1971, a flat with beautiful sunset view at Turtle Rock community, CA . The owner had spent quite a lot of money on replacing floor, repainting the wall and remodeling the kitchen. But they feel there’s something missing. The house is great, but the interior is not upgraded to match with the real estate value. So, here I am to help. The owner e-mailed me the measurement and photos. A week or so, and I sent them a set of working drawing for the bookshelf and window seat; two furniture plans and purchasing list and wall color. They are happy with the design and is looking forward to upgrading the house, good luck and enjoy ! Click here for more photos.

* part II and part III see here: BRING IN THE LIGHT AND PEOPLE!

這是一個位於加州爾灣豪宅區的豪宅,這個房子的景色很美,屋主一家於去年暑假才剛遷入。屋主雖然才花了不少錢換地板,上新漆,換廚櫃。但是他們就是覺得少了甚麼, 所以經朋友介紹,他們把照片跟空間尺寸電郵給我,我則在一星期後將完整的房間配圖,購買家具清單與材料樣本寄給他們。 希望他們能一步步打造他們的夢想家!願神祝福他們! 看照片於此

後續設計改造於此: 給我們更多的光

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