Big house, little budget? No problem!!花小錢也能裝潢大房子?沒問題!

I am currently working on a project located at Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This is another online design consulting project, referred by one of my previous client (thanks!). It’s a 4,500 SQ FT house with 5 beds and 6 baths. A fairly new house with tons of space! However, the young couple has little budget after buying … Continue reading

Amazing house, 神妙美屋

Recently, a lovely couple bought their first single family house in Irvine, CA. I am honored to design their new home. This is another over the internet design consulting project. I found myself enjoying this type of design consultation more and more. By using email to exchange photos, space measurement, and using FaceTime /Skype for … Continue reading

Great house with beautiful view, but.. 美景豪宅的設計諮詢

The owner moved into this house in the summer , 2012. The house was built in 1971, a flat with beautiful sunset view at Turtle Rock community, CA . The owner had spent quite a lot of money on replacing floor, repainting the wall and remodeling the kitchen. But they feel there’s something missing. The … Continue reading

Kitchen renovation under $20,000

This is a small kitchen renovation project at Irvine, CA. The owner spent less than $20,000 for the entire project. We did this over phones and internet ! :)) see moe photos here 這是一個透過網路與電話進行設計諮詢的案子, 屋主全部更新整個廚房只花了$20,000 , 結果果真令人滿意! 由此看更多照片

Dressing up the house at Fairfax 裝扮妻子的夢想家

I have been extremely busy since last September.  I’ve been hired to help a family to furnish their big, rather empty house in Fairfax, VA.  For this project, I primarily designed custom cabinets, hand-picked furniture, and planned wall finishes Today (1/30/2013), I was especially satisfied seeing the project finally came together!  The family has many items that they treasure, I was … Continue reading

A deisgn consultation project in downtown Arlignton, VA 市中心小公寓的設計諮詢案

“I don’t want to hire someone who just come and decorate my house, I need someone who can come up with design that can solve my cluster; make this space more functional and beautiful !” client O emailed me one day, who found me through ASID website. Her small apartment is located in downtown  Arlington, and … Continue reading

A design consulting project in Taipei city, Taiwan 台北的室內設計詢案子

Recently one of my cousin is getting married, and are getting their first house as well. Congrats to Gary ! So, here I am to help! Another E-design consulting project. After receiving photos and measurements of the space, I gave them the  interior design drawing and suggestions and my best wishes! click here to see more photos 最近堂弟愛情長跑九年終於要結婚了  … Continue reading


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