Great magnetic board under $60

While looking at the kids’ study room of my friend’s house, I proposed to add something on the bare wall to match with the feeling of the existing room. First, we bought a picture frame from IKEA (VIRSERUN, $29.99) and then we went to Homedepot to cut a metal sheet ($24) into the same size. Ta- da!! … Continue reading

Dressing up the house at Fairfax 裝扮妻子的夢想家

I have been extremely busy since last September.  I’ve been hired to help a family to furnish their big, rather empty house in Fairfax, VA.  For this project, I primarily designed custom cabinets, hand-picked furniture, and planned wall finishes Today (1/30/2013), I was especially satisfied seeing the project finally came together!  The family has many items that they treasure, I was … Continue reading

The trend of e-decorating 專業線上設計諮詢服務的時代來臨!

I have been doing design service though internet for years. Now E-decorating is a big hit. More and more famous designers offer online consulting service and some even only do online service. By doing online interior design consultation, designers save their time on site visiting, and clients get to save their money and pressure during … Continue reading


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