Adaptive reuse

“Adaptive reuse is the practice of reusing existing buildings and materials from buildings as much as possible.” I have been studying for my NCIDQ exam recently. Not seeing many adaptive reuse cases in the U.S. We tend to tear down old things and throw it all away. However, many architects in Japan seek to reuse … Continue reading

Oh ~ the good old days…..

Seeing young friends’ college life pictures on FB, I miss my old days in architecture studios! The Interior Architecture program of University of Oregon  has always been great! Even decade ago, we had enough support and  facility from school. I remember those time in the computer lab, friends and I stayed there days and nights … Continue reading

How Ann Interior Design got started?


I have loved interior designing since I was a child! I’ve enjoyed practicing since I graduated with a Master Degree in Interior Architecture from University of Oregon. GO DUCKS. In 2005, I resigned from my residential-design job when I had my first baby. As much as it pained me to leave my design job, I … Continue reading


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