Dressing up the house at Fairfax 裝扮妻子的夢想家

I have been extremely busy since last September.  I’ve been hired to help a family to furnish their big, rather empty house in Fairfax, VA.  For this project, I primarily designed custom cabinets, hand-picked furniture, and planned wall finishes Today (1/30/2013), I was especially satisfied seeing the project finally came together!  The family has many items that they treasure, I was … Continue reading

The trend of e-decorating 專業線上設計諮詢服務的時代來臨!

I have been doing design service though internet for years. Now E-decorating is a big hit. More and more famous designers offer online consulting service and some even only do online service. By doing online interior design consultation, designers save their time on site visiting, and clients get to save their money and pressure during … Continue reading


烘 [ home ] Design

烘 [ home ], the house where one’s family lives.  The word  “烘” is not the word for  “home” in Chinese (家 is the correct Chinese character).  But the pronunciation of  “烘” in Chinese is similar to  “home” in English , and if you look at each part of this Chinese character, you will find it very interesting. “火” on … Continue reading

Face lifting the 60 years old rambler! 60年老屋的改建

This is a project in Falls Church. I plan to not only face lift the 60 years old rambler but also make the 1800 sqft house to meet the needs of a family of four. By enclosing the existing dining room, I was able to add one study room and open up the kitchen, making … Continue reading

Pro bono it is! 三小時的室內設計諮詢

This is a pro bono  project that I offer for my son’ s school fundraising program. The action winner owns a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L house!   But the she has hard time to decorate the house or selecting furnishing.    My job here is to offer some furnishing suggestions and a proposed plan for the dining room.  Hopefully, a good design home starts from this warm and inviting … Continue reading

A deisgn consultation project in downtown Arlignton, VA 市中心小公寓的設計諮詢案

“I don’t want to hire someone who just come and decorate my house, I need someone who can come up with design that can solve my cluster; make this space more functional and beautiful !” client O emailed me one day, who found me through ASID website. Her small apartment is located in downtown  Arlington, and … Continue reading

A design consulting project in Taipei city, Taiwan 台北的室內設計詢案子

Recently one of my cousin is getting married, and he is getting their first house. (congrats to Gary!!) So, here I am to help! Another on-line design consultation project in Taiwan. He sent me some of the photos and the measurement of the apartment, and I gave him the  interior design drawing and suggestions.  Plus, my best wishes! (the office … Continue reading

About Interior Design 關於室內設計

This article is from previous blog which is in Chinese, if you could understand,great! if not, maybe you could try the “translate ” button, thank you.  * INTERIOR DESIGN *  室內設計    * インテリア デザイン 這個早在埃及古羅馬時代就開始的”觀念” 到了第二次世界大戰後才正式成為一種”專業” 對大部分的人來說 對於室內設計的印象侷限在”裝潢”跟”有閒錢才做的事”….. 其實不然 室內設計最重要的目的在於解決使用者的空間問題 並使環境能讓使用者使用起來更開心 生活得更好! 也就是說 一個好的設計師是來幫你解決並提供更好的空間使用方法 而不只是單單的幫你弄個漂亮的櫃子 或買好看的家具 當然 那些裝飾也很重要 因為沒有燈光 窗簾 家具 擺示等等的配搭 一個空間會顯得很無趣沒有個性(I mean..就連狗都會尿味來界定他的地盤了) 但 … Continue reading

You are overseas? No problem! 你不住在美國一樣沒問題!

This was an online design consulting project I completed.  The client was located in Taipei, Taiwan.  He emailed me photos and the existing floor plan, and I did the design floor plan and material scheme board with reference of furniture photos for them. It’s a great way to help folks in different states and overseas!  See more photos here 常常身邊的親朋好友甚至父母的親朋好友都會請我幫忙諮詢跟設計 一下他們的房子 對於喜愛做室內設計的我當然很難拒絕 因為不論收費與否 我都把每一個案當成挑戰 … Continue reading

Upgrade a bathroom for under $2000?! 廁所翻新

Can you believe it? neither can I!  But we did it! Thanks for our handy man Jeff  Cheng (he is a licensed electrician and can fix all kind of  problems; he serves in Orange county area, CA) and some great deals I found on eBay. (Project included: sink, floor, light, mirror, wall panel, paint and toliet!) Click here to … Continue reading


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