• Client Recommendations

    Ann was introduced by a friend who hired her for their whole house remodeling back in 2009. After that she moved from CA to VA. Despite our geographic distance, Ann was able to deliver all her excellent work through different communication technology, iPhone, email, photo stream, face time, etc. Ann is very easy to work with and has great professionalism. Not only she was able to keep our budget in mind and listen to our specific requests and preference, she came back to us with amazing creativity and ideas. She was efficient and sent her working drawings, perspectives, material and furniture list in a very timely manner. When we encountered an unexpected problem in the kitchen remodeling, she was positive and creative with her design to solve the issue. The final result of Ann’s work on our house exceeded my expectations. Her design has both great artistic value and practical function. I couldn't be happier to have Ann as our interior designer! - Carol P. Irvine, CA 2013

Victorian house in San Francisco

This is an online consulting project. My clients need to update the existing floor plan to meet their modern life style. I enjoy working on projects such as this because I can help to improve the quality of their lives, and that is the greatest mission of any interior designer, isn’t it?

Family room makeover

This is a small design project majorly for the family room and areas around it. We will update the plain fireplace, change the color of blinds and stair, and decorate the family room with accent color that can warm up the modern style that is preferred by the client.  Here is one of the furnishing … Continue reading

Blessing from the Lord! 從天而降的祝福

Just after I finished my National Council of Interior Design Qualification exams, ( and thank God that I received my NCIDQ certification last week) three projects came along. The first two were from my previous clients who were continually furnishing other parts of their houses. The third project came out of blue, or, I should … Continue reading

Aging in place 讓室內設計幫你們一起白頭偕老!

Today, most American seniors desire to stay in their homes as long as they are able. After becoming a certified NCIDQ designer, I have developed a great passion and acquired tremendous knowledge toward residential accessible design.  “Aging in place” and accessible design are what I like to focus on for the next phase of my … Continue reading

Bring in the light and people! 給我們更多的光!

This is the continuation of the project “Great House with beautiful view”.  At first, we redesigned the family room, TV wall, and living room; next, we did dining room, guest room, and the entrance. We also staged all bathrooms and the master bedroom. Finally, we moved on to the darkest room at the center of this … Continue reading

Art and Craft remodeling 小房子大藝術

This is a remodeling project that I am currently working on.  When the  owner first contacted me, they only wanted to update the three bathrooms. However, after visiting the house, I proposed to them not only to update the bathrooms, but also to acquire a better floor plan for the entry room and dining room. … Continue reading

No more bully clients! 如何停止被霸凌!

I received this email from Terri Taylor today. Terri teaches other designers how to run a successful  interior design business. In this newsletter, she taught interior designers how to protect themselves from bad clients. Man~ I wish I had read it earlier! Not saying that  any of my client is a bully, in fact, most my … Continue reading

Adaptive reuse

“Adaptive reuse is the practice of reusing existing buildings and materials from buildings as much as possible.” I have been studying for my NCIDQ exam recently. Not seeing many adaptive reuse cases in the U.S. We tend to tear down old things and throw it all away. However, many architects in Japan seek to reuse … Continue reading

Weekend makeover 週末小整型

This is a family room makeover. Because the owner doesn’t want to change the wall color and so here is the design proposal I have for her. A casual family room with a little bit fine touch. Let’s wait and see how great will it turn out to be! (picture showing here is just a … Continue reading

Transforming a cold basement 親子地下室改造

This is a design consulting project to transfer a dark and cold basement to a warm and colorful craft and fun room! I received updates from the owner and I am really happy to see the Soave is getting there! 這是一個改造地下室的案子,屋主希望能變成她跟女兒的小小美勞工作室, 之後陸續收到她寄來的進度照片,真替她們開心!