How Ann Interior Design got started?

To become an interior designer was my childhood dream. After receiving my mater degree in Interior Architecture, I finally had my dream come true! However, I resigned from the office after the arriving of my first child. As much as it pained me to leave my job, I realized the importance of being there for them during the early years. It was tremendously rewarding taking care of my children and I never regret the decision of sacrificing my carrier for them.

However, my desire to go back to interior design field never diminish. As I became proficient being a full-time mom, I started CAD drafting for a company from home and helping friends with their remodeling projects. My reputation was passed by word of mouth quickly, and soon I was busy offering advice on home design and staging real estates to people. One day, a sister from my church called and asked for advice regarding her bathroom remodeling. After visiting the site, I suggested her to redesign the entire house in stead of just replacing cabinets and bathroom tiles, etc. She agreed and trusted me with her new house and flexible budgets.

After months of sweat and tears, it was completed to everyone’s satisfaction. And to my surprise, my work was recognized by other professionals, and got published on a interior design magazine!

With my past designing experiences and this newly gained confidence, I decided to launch my own design studio – Ann Interior Design.

I like to devote this article to my friend, Christie.

Without her complete trust and encouragement, I would never be able to start my own design business. I am very grateful to do what I love and love what I do!

“A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own work. This too, I see, is from the hand of God.” Ecc 2:24


謝謝一直鼓勵我與信任我的好友 Christie,她將一個大房子完全交給我是我有信心成立此工作室的開始!


對大部分的人來說 對於室內設計的印象侷限在”裝潢”跟”有閒錢才做的事”…..

室內設計最重要的目的在於解決使用者的空間問題, 並使環境能讓使用者使用起來更開心, 生活得更好!

也就是說 一個好的設計師是來幫你解決並提供更好的空間使用方法,而不只是單單的幫你弄個漂亮的櫃子, 或買好看的家具
當然那些裝飾也很重要,因為沒有燈光 窗簾家具擺示等等的配搭 一個空間會顯得很無趣沒有個性(I mean..就連狗都會用尿味來界定他的地盤了)
但那種視覺上的美的呈現除了跟設計師本身的美感有關外, 最後的結果大部分取決於顧客的品味跟預算。

所以要挑一個設計師 從提問題開始,跟設計師說你在這個空間使用上感到的不便或希望更好的地方, 然後從他們提供給你的解決方案來決定你要雇用的人

另外 ,一但決定了 請相信設計師的專業, 要詢問你意見的地方設計師一定會問的 (通常一個東西設計師會預先選好ABC幾種讓客戶選)
這樣,我相信雙方都會合作愉快, 且最後成果也會很棒!
當然 ,不曉得自己要什麼的可以從一幅欣賞的畫或一些鍾愛的收藏,甚至是喜愛的城市或氣候出發, 讓設計師能認識你的特質, 也可以幫助設計師式設計出更符和你所要的樣子。

單單拿出一些雜誌照片, 雖然最簡單, 但卻缺少個性,找一個適合你的室內設計師跟找一個適合你的美髮師有異曲同工之妙!

我很感謝神給我在空間上的恩賜 (我國中時的性向測驗中空間性可是top 90%以上呢!)
還有小時候親愛的爸媽在芭比娃娃的投資 (我芭比的玩法大部分都是在幫她們設計空間 哈)
現在 它不只是我的工作, 也是興趣, 更是我服侍神的工具。
當然,也感謝神讓先生有一份穩定的工作好讓我可以沒有太多經濟壓力下做我想做的事 (因為這種超時工作的設計錢還真不好賺..)