Residence R / office & guest bedroom remodeling

This was the last remodeling project I worked on before moving to VA.  In this project, we added a guest room at the garage and connected it with  the existing family room. We also converted the loft to an office and  framed it to provide privacy.  We replaced all of the flooring and repainted the house.  click to see our before and after photos

在此案 我們利用車庫多出來的空間加建了一個房間 並於閣樓加隔間牆 好讓在家辦工的女主人可以享有隱私 我們也更換一樓廁所 廚房檯面跟牆面 還有整個屋子的油漆顏色與地板  由於此案完工時 屋主與我都在東岸 所以尚未佈置 真是遺憾 還好美麗的女主人很能幹 相信她會把家妝扮得非常有大方  祝福他們在加州的新生活 光明燦爛!  按此參觀更多照片