Face lifting the 60 years old rambler! 60年老屋的改建

This is a project in Falls Church. I plan to not only face lift the 60 years old rambler but also make the 1800 sqft house to meet the needs of a family of four.

By enclosing the existing dining room, I was able to add one study room and open up the kitchen, making the dining room in the previous family room. The dining room is now where family and friends can gather around to eat, to play and to share. The projects included interior and exterior remodeling. The owner did the apprisal right after the remodeling and they were happily with the $130,000 gained. See more photos here.

這是一個60年老房子,我在這個不算大又非常老舊的房子進行新的空間規劃與符合這一家四口生活的需要,並以簡潔的線條與純樸的材料來達到空間的寬闊感。 此案包含室內與室外的整修,歷時兩個月順利完工。

經過銀行重新估價後,這個房子改裝後在短短兩個月間就增加了美金$130,000 真是令人開心! 請至相簿看施工前後的照片 see more photos here

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