The trend of e-decorating

I have been doing design service though internet for years. Now E-decorating is a big hit. More and more famous designers offer online consulting service and some even only do online service. By doing online interior design consultation, designers save their time on site visiting, and clients get to save their money and pressure during the process.  This is a win-win situation for those who like to perform the makeover on their own pace, and it’s not that abstract as you think!  Please allow me to explain: For Ann Interior Design, the only few differences between online and at site service are:

1. Clients need to measure the space themselves. It could be easily communicated via shareing photos online. Clients also need to take pictures of the space and e-mail or share online (DropBox) with me. For iPhone /iPad/ iCloud user, it’s very easy to take photos and share with me via Photo Stream. Clients can add space dimensions or notes to each pictures. My clients and I communicate on the Photo Stream a lot. We may do a Face time walk through if I need to know more about the space. This will help me to have a better sense of the site, but usually photos are good enough.

2. When working with local clients, I show them around furniture stores and help them to decorate the space. With online consulting clients, I will not be able to offer the service but I could assist them to place orders online. The furnishing list includes all the furniture you may need for the rooms plus accessories and wall decorations. All the suggesting items are listed with links and can be easily purchased online, over the phone, or at the store. When the furniture arrives, clients arrange it  by themselves according to the floor plan. I encourage clients to send me the ” after” photos for further feedback.  This step helps the space look like the original design. I call it “Ann’s finial touch”.  Some of my online clients prefer me to do the final touch up at the house, and this staging service is available and charged by hours plus.

3. The last but not the least difference is that the designer fee is way lower for online consulting compared with the fee for at site  service. Other than that, my online clients get same amount of drawings and commitment from me. Paying design fee is simple, I accept checks and Zelle. A complete set of design drawings ( floor plans, sections, perspectives and material board) and furnishing list will send to clients via email. A print out copy will mail to clients after receiving the final design fee. The package may include paint chips, material samples, drawing and plans, etc.. Wanna give it a try or have more questions? E-mail me !