Dressing up the house at Fairfax 裝扮妻子的夢想家

I have been extremely busy since last September.  I’ve been hired to help a family to furnish their big, rather empty house in Fairfax, VA.  For this project, I primarily designed custom cabinets, hand-picked furniture, and planned wall finishes

Today (1/30/2013), I was especially satisfied seeing the project finally came together!  The family has many items that they treasure, I was able to repurpose the items and used them as decorations around the house. I enjoyed seeing the client’s house being decorated with what they treasure. Afterall, decoration is not just for “the beauty of eye”, it should be very personal, something the clients like to be surrounded by daily.

see more photos here

這次的屋主需要布置5房3廳,因他們偏愛有質感的美國傳統家俱,所以我們大部份在Ethan Allan購買。工程還包括換牆壁顏色與貼壁紙,與訂製一個書櫃。在布置小物上,我盡量使用他們現有的收藏與他們小孩的繪圖作品,因為能使用客戶現有的收藏品及作品來布置他們自己的家是最好不過,讓他們天天在喜愛的東西中生活, 使裝飾品不再只是好看,而能為空間更添個人特色!看更多照片


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