Great magnetic board under $60

While looking at kids’ study room at my friend’s house, I proposed to add something on the bare wall to match with the feeling of the existing room. First, we bought a picture frame from IKEA (VIRSERUN, $29.99) next, we went to Homedepot to cut a metal sheet ($24) into the same size.
Ta- da!! A great magnetic display board under $60!!
這是一個很即興的小改造案,屋主的小孩書房牆上有點空,所以我決定幫他們加一個實用的磁鐵告示板。 首先我們在Ikea買了便宜的大尺寸畫框($30美元不到),然後到建材店裁一片鐵片放入就成了純樸好看的磁鐵板!


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