Residence M / whole house furnishing

This is another online design consulting project at Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It was referred by one of my previous client (thanks!). It’s a 4,500 SQ FT house with 5 beds and 6 baths. A fairly new house with tons of space!

However, the young couple has little budget after buying this big house, and they like design plan that could work with most of their existing furniture and paint color.  See more photos here!

* I am thrilled when I received her email and photos one year later!

“Hi Ann,

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful interior design.  We had a fellowship meeting this past Friday, and one of the sisters took a few pictures of the meeting.  Just wanted to share with you how the home space is being enjoyed by everyone.
Thanks again :o) ”

Nothing can bring me greater joy than hearing my clients enjoy the space so much!

watercolor perspective

floor plans and paint color chips



房子非常大,但因為剛買完房子所以他們的預算非常「不多」, 客戶希望儘量使用原本的家俱,能以此爲挑戰,讓我非常興奮,敬請期待!看更多的照片於此

* 昨天收到一年多前的客戶寄來的email, 信中還附上照片再次跟我謝謝我為他們提供的設計服務讓來到他們家裏的人都能很享受,大人小孩都是得其所! 感謝主! 沒什麼比看到客戶使用空間開心來的更棒的了! 真高興我的作品不只是用來觀賞的,更是用來生活的! 🙂