Aging in place

Today, most American seniors desire to stay in their homes as long as they are able. After becoming a certified NCIDQ designer, I have developed a great passion and acquired tremendous knowledge toward residential accessible design.  “Aging in place” and accessible design are what I like to focus on for the next phase of my interior design career. I plan to gain more experiences in related fileds and hope to be able to help those in need.

11/16/2015 update:  I pass all my Practicum at my very first try!! Thank God for that!!

12/9/2015 update: I receive my NCIDQ certification, now I am officially certified!

4/22/2019 update: I have done more than three design projects with accessible bathrooms and bedroom since then. 🙂




11/16/2015 感謝主,收到畫圖科成績,全部七科都過關!

12/9/2015 再次感謝主,順利拿到NCIDQ的證書,現在我是有執照的室內建築設計師了!

4/22/2019 至目前為止我完成了4件作品涉及無障礙空間,感謝神使用!