Residence J / kitchen remodeling

The mission of this project is to visually enlarge the kitchen without adding any square footage to the house. Fun!


* update: 11/1/2019 finally the kitchen is done! And I couldn’t be merrier when receiving the email from my client :

Hi Ann,
We are moving into the kitchen, slowly but surely, and we had our first guest over for dinner 2 nights ago. She was absolutely blown away at the transformation! And so are we—everyone really loves the blue, and the way the colors are divided to each side of the kitchen. Our hood finally arrived just TODAY, so as soon as Ben can put it in, I want you to come over and admire your work! We put a little round metal table from the yard in the nook, and it works for now. 
We are still kind of stunned at how beautiful it is, Ann. you did a wondeful job, and we are SOOOO grateful. I can’t wait for you to see it and admire your own work!
J ”