Victorian house in San Francisco

This is an online consulting project. My clients need to update the existing floor plan to meet their modern life style. I enjoy working on projects such as this because I can help to improve the quality of their lives, and that is the greatest mission of any interior designer, isn’t it?

Family room makeover

This is a small design project majorly for the family room and areas around it. We will update the plain fireplace, change the color of blinds and stair, and decorate the family room with accent color that can warm up the modern style that is preferred by the client.  Here is one of the furnishing … Continue reading

Blessing from the Lord! 從天而降的祝福

Just after I finished my National Council of Interior Design Qualification exams, ( and thank God that I received my NCIDQ certification last week) three projects came along. The first two were from my previous clients who were continually furnishing other parts of their houses. The third project came out of blue, or, I should … Continue reading

Bring in the light and people! 給我們更多的光!

This is the continuation of the project “Great House with beautiful view”.  At first, we redesigned the family room, TV wall, and living room; next, we did dining room, guest room, and the entrance. We also staged all bathrooms and the master bedroom. Finally, we moved on to the darkest room at the center of this … Continue reading

Big house, little budget? No problem!!花小錢也能裝潢大房子?沒問題!

I am currently working on a project located at Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This is another online design consulting project, referred by one of my previous client (thanks!). It’s a 4,500 SQ FT house with 5 beds and 6 baths. A fairly new house with tons of space! However, the young couple has little budget after buying … Continue reading

Amazing house, 神妙美屋

Recently, a lovely couple bought their first single family house in Irvine, CA. I am honored to design their new home. This is another over the internet design consulting project. I found myself enjoying this type of design consultation more and more. By using email to exchange and using Face Time for walking through the … Continue reading

Great house with beautiful view, but.. 美景豪宅的設計諮詢

The owner moved into this house in the summer , 2012. The house was built in 1971. A flat with beautiful sunset view at Turtle Rock community, CA . The owner had spent quite a lot of money on replacing floor, repainting the wall and remodeling the kitchen. But they feel there’s something missing. The … Continue reading

Kitchen renovation under $20,000

This is a small kitchen renovation project at Irvine, CA. The owner spent less than $20,000 for the entire project. We did this over phones and internet ! :)) see moe photos here 這是一個透過網路與電話進行設計諮詢的案子, 屋主全部更新整個廚房只花了$20,000 , 結果果真令人滿意! 由此看更多照片

Dressing up the house at Fairfax 裝扮妻子的夢想家

I have been extremely busy since last September.  I’ve been hired to help a family to furnish their big, rather empty house in Fairfax, VA.  For this project, I primarily designed custom cabinets, hand-picked furniture, and planned wall finishes Today (1/30/2013), I was especially satisfied seeing the project finally came together!  The family has many items that they treasure, I was … Continue reading

A deisgn consultation project in downtown Arlignton, VA 市中心小公寓的設計諮詢案

“I don’t want to hire someone who just come and decorate my house, I need someone who can come up with design that can solve my cluster; make this space more functional and beautiful !” client O emailed me one day, who found me through ASID website. Her small apartment is located in downtown  Arlington, and … Continue reading


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